[ENG] Johanna and Kimberly… American Autograph Collectors during the Cannes Film Festival

«I don’t forget any of them whether they were good or bad». They cross the ocean to meet the stars and get their autographs and photos with them. Johanna and Kimberly, mother and daughter, didn’t miss any edition from the Cannes Film Festival since eight years. They both keep all their souvenirs from the festival in an abum and never show it to anybody. The two American ladies have hundreds of autographs for Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and many other actors and actresses.

Kimberly used to come to Cannes for 27 years and she always wanted to attend the festival but she did it the first time from eight years ago but it was for a couple of days and she liked it but she started collecting pictures and autographs from eight years ago.

«We get really excited when we get the autographs and it is better when we get the picture too. When the stars say no we feel bad too. I don’t forget any of them whether they were good or bad. Since they are actors, why don’t they pretend doing that?!», adds the young lady.

She thinks it is just their real personnalities they show «If Tom Hardy and Brad Pitt, who are always busy, so i think everybody else have time too». She realized that «most of the actresses refuse to take pictures. Usually actors are more like taking pictures maybe because i am a female asking».

She assures that that she doesn’t do it for fame «I hate when they say no because i don’t like asking. People are waiting for them they should, at least sign for them and this is their job».

«After seeing the way they act, i don’t want to see a lot of movies because i don’t want to pay them or support them. I am here waiting for hours and smiling is part of their job. They should do it».

Johanna thinks it is a quality time she spends with her daughter in Cannes «maybe someday she will come with her two daughters». She wonders why the stars don’t sign or take photos with people «I don’t know if it is because who is handling them so they say they don’t have time or whether they just don’t want to do that».

Having hundreds of autographs, Johanna and Kimberly never thought about selling them. But Johanna says that «Kim should make a book because she is a very good writer but she always refuses that».

Kimberly interferred «well I don’t think anyone would be interested in such a book. I only thought about writing a book about the first impressions because it is really what you get for these people in 10 seconds or in a minute. I thought about it becuase some stars really fool you».

Johanna posing with Colin Farrell. (Credit photo : Carmen Joukhadar)

Johanna posing with Colin Farrell. (Credit photo : Carmen Joukhadar)

The Good

  • «Brad Pitt is the best. He took my pen and signed everybody and then put the cap on it and walked all the way back and gave it to me, usually they just handed it to a guard» – Johanna
  • «We talked to Juliane Moore because she used to be in a soap opera in the United States and we remembered her character so she said that was longtime ago» – Johanna and Kimberly
  • «I remember meeting Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) in the hotel and we had a conversation and we ended up in an elevator together, that was memorable» – Kimberly
  • «I was trying to have a picture with Tom Hardy and it wasn’t good at all and when I asked him again he remembered me and we took the picture again» – Johanna
  • «I remember a very  good example of Reese Witherspoon when she was in Cannes a couple of years ago and she was heavily pregnant and wearing heels. She stood and signed for everybody for long time». – Kimberly.
  • James Franco, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon , Mark Raffalo, Channing Tatum, Robert Pattinson, Jessica Chastain.

The Bad

  • «I can never forget my experience with Ben Stiller who stared at me straight in the eyes for a while and didn’t sign but he did it for everybody else . he almost made me cry». – Kimberly
  • «Sometimes the stars are impossible to get. They don’t come over so they just don’t want to sign like Carey mulligan who did not look at anybody. She just looked at the wall and ignored everyone». – Johanna
  • «Leonardo Di Caprio puts his sunglasses and ignore everyone». – Kimberly
  • «Justin timberlake did not want to sign to anyone but everyone was calling him so he came sign for three and put the pen in a very harsh way and said something about the pen. Maybe he didn’t like it». – Kimberly

Carmen Joukhadar